CIRTL participants

Read profiles about Cornell graduate students and postdocs participating in professional development on effective teaching, research mentoring, and preparation for academic careers.

Recent Milestones

Building Mentorship Skills for Academic Careers

  • Congratulations to a cohort of approximately 20 graduate student and postdoc participants who took part in the Spring 2023 program series!

NextGen Professors Program

  • Congratulations to a cohort of approximately 30 doctoral scholars and postdocs who participated in the 2022-2023 cohort year of the NextGen Professors Program!

Becoming a Resilient Scientist Series

  • We piloted a local Cornell-sponsored cohort for the NIH-led workshop series in Fall 2022. Congratulations to the participants who completed the series!

CIRTL Scholar Status

CIRTL Practitioner Status

CIRTL Associate Status

  • Frank Castelli, Neurobiology and Behavior
  • Lauren Genova, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • John Wyatt Greenlee, Medieval Studies
  • Arielle Johnson, Plant Biology
  • Mariely Medina-Rivera, Food Science and Technology
  • Prafull Purohit, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Lindsay Sailer, Psychology
  • Xian Wang, Nolan School of Hotel Administration

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