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Want to learn more about best practices for teaching and learning or prepare for an academic position? Future Faculty and Academic Careers and partners including the CIRTL Network sponsor a wide range of course opportunities, including in-person, online and massive open online courses, both for credit and not-for-credit.

Cornell Courses

Graduate students and postdoctoral associates are able to enroll in these credit-bearing Cornell courses with instructor permission. Postdoctoral fellows may incur tuition when registering through the part-time study program. Course offerings in 2023-2024 include:

  • ALS 6014: Theater Techniques for Enhancing Teaching and Public Speaking – Learn to use theater techniques to help enhance your classroom teaching and public speaking in both formal and informal environments. (Fall; next offered in 2023)

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CIRTL Network Courses

Every semester, the CIRTL Network offers a variety of credit-optional, free online graduate courses that leverage the expertise and diversity of faculty from 45 universities. Recent offerings include:

  • Basics of Online Learning and Teaching – Learn how to design and run an effective online course.
  • Developing a Teaching Portfolio – Craft a teaching philosophy statement and document teaching experience and evidence of effectiveness.
  • Equity in STEM for All Genders – Learn about and practice documented strategies to combat gender bias in STEM.

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

These massive open online courses from the CIRTL Network and related groups are designed to prepare aspiring faculty in STEM fields (i.e., natural and social sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to be more effective teachers and confident and prepared early-career academics and professionals. The courses described at this page are offered through EdX. The audit track is available for free, with a letter of completion sent by instructors.

  • Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching: Two courses on teaching designed for graduate students and postdocs
  • The Postdoc Academy: Two courses about career development for postdocs
  • The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project: A new course on inclusive teaching in STEM fields