Travel and Training Programs

Travel Funding Opportunities Related to Teaching Development

  • Travel Grants – Future Faculty and Academic Careers certificate program participants can apply for travel grants to further training in teaching (up to $500) or present a Teaching as Research project beyond Cornell (up to $1000).
  • CIRTL Network Summer Teaching Institutes – Spanning May-August, you can apply to attend 2- to 5-day institutes at other universities such as Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Cornell graduate students and postdocs may contact about a travel grant application.
  • National CIRTL Forum – The 6th National CIRTL Forum was held at Drexel University on October 13-15, 2019, and is convened every few years. Cornell graduate students and postdocs may contact about potential travel funding to present completed Teaching as Research projects.
  • CIRTL Network Exchange Program – Future Faculty and Academic Careers participants who have completed a Teaching as Research project (or similar) can apply for a funded visit to one of 43 other research universities to give a research and teaching talks and network with disciplinary colleagues in a mock academic job interview setting. Applications are accepted at any time, but may require several months of lead time with local CIRTL program leaders to make arrangements. Prospective participants at Cornell should contact

Conferences on Teaching in Higher Education

Future Faculty Recruitment and Training Institutes