Teaching and Mentoring Opportunities

Teaching Resources and Opportunities

Opportunities to Teach

Formal educational settings

  • BIOG 1250 – Biology Seminar – Propose 7-week 1-credit courses to help students explore a topic while learning to think like a scientist
  • Cornell Prison Education Program – Graduate Students can TA or apply to be Instructors. There are stipends to support a limited number of doctoral students each term. Postdocs and faculty and encouraged to volunteer their time.
  • Knight Institute First-Year Writing Seminars – Many of these courses are instructed by graduate students or postdoctoral scholars.
  • Cornell School of Continuing Education – Many faculty or postdocs choose to teach a summer (or winter course). Course proposals are solicited via academic deans and departments in fall for the following summer. In certain cases, teaching assistant roles or graduate instructors might be possible.

Informal educational settings, tutoring, and K-12 outreach

Resources on Teaching

Future Faculty and Academic Careers and CIRTL Network Programs

Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) Programs

Other Useful Resources

Mentoring Resources and Opportunities

Opportunities to Mentor

  • Graduate Students Mentoring Undergraduates program – from the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) and the Graduate School Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement (OISE)
  • Multicultural Academic Council (MAC) Mentoring Program – supported through the Graduate School Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement (OISE)
  • The Learning Web is based on the community-based, mentor-apprentice/ hands-on learning experience — a model that connects young people with adults, sparks a passion, helps youth learn life skills and envision a rich future; all helping youth evolve into engaged citizens who value themselves and their community.

Cornell Mentoring Resources

External Mentoring Resources