CIRTL prepares future faculty members at Cornell

Graduate School Dean Barbara Knuth chats with students at the 2015 Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) Classroom Research and Teaching Symposium.

April 7, 2016

Housed in the Graduate School, the Cornell branch of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CU-CIRTL) develops and coordinates programs to prepare graduate students and postdocs for future faculty careers.

Established in 2003 with support from the National Science Foundation, the CIRTL Network, which Cornell joined in 2011, aims to improve undergraduate education by training aspiring faculty in teaching and research mentorship strategies shown to be effective for a diverse student body.

In response to increased demand at Cornell and nationally for future faculty development, the network of CIRTL-participating universities has more than doubled in size from 21 to 46 institutions, with the acceptance of 25 new research universities in February 2016.

The 46 CIRTL Network universities produce one-third of U.S. doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, providing an opportunity for CIRTL programs to shape a significant fraction of new faculty in these fields.

“We’re proud to be a part of this expanding network of universities committed to improving future faculty preparation,” said Barbara Knuth, senior vice provost and dean of the Graduate School, and a member of CIRTL’s national leadership team.

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