De-emphasize GREs, look broadly for new Ph.D. students: Expert says

Associate Dean Sara Xayarath Hernandez introduces professor Keivan Stassun, Vanderbilt University

October 10, 2018 

Keivan Stassun, professor of physics and astronomy at Vanderbilt University, and director of the Vanderbilt Center for Autism & Innovation, shared lessons learned from transforming admissions processes to overcome barriers to diversifying graduate fields in an October 2 lecture, “Holistic Admissions: Achieving Diversity at the Ph.D. Level.”

Holistic Admissions Q&A
Following his lecture, Dr. Keivan Stassun responded to audience questions from DGSs, GFAs, and other faculty, staff and students in attendance.

Stassun, founder of the Fisk-Vanderbilt Master-to-Ph.D. Bridge Program, cited a study from the American Physical Society and the American Institute of Physics that found only 20 African-American women nationwide graduated with doctoral degrees in physics over a recent five-year period. “What that means is that you get one underrepresented minority student [who] maybe comes in, [and] they spend their entire Ph.D. experience without ever seeing another person like them,” Stassun said.

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