From small beginnings, grad TAs & postdocs have big impact

Images of five graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in posed, field, and lab photos

Equity changemaking panelists pictured clockwise starting from top left are graduate students Amelia-Juliet Demery, Kavya Krishnan, postdoc Kira Treibergs, and graduate students Joshua Garcia and Caitlin Kane.


This spring witnessed many projects to make Cornell’s learning spaces more inclusive, but what does it take to put great ideas into action for change? On June 25, over 45 participants from across campus gathered to hear from a panel of innovative graduate students and postdocs who successfully implemented ideas for creating more equitable learning environments.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) and the Graduate School Offices of Future Faculty and Academic Careers and Inclusion and Student Engagement, the event featured a discussion on putting ideas into action and overcoming challenges. The discussion was followed by a networking session for participants to explore ideas for improving equity and inclusion.

“This discussion was an opportunity to highlight leadership by graduate students & postdocs on building inclusive learning experiences,” said Melina Ivanchikova, CTI’s associate director for inclusive teaching. “We also hoped it might inspire others working to help Cornell build a learning community in which everyone belongs.”

Read all of From small beginnings, grad TAs & postdocs have big impact on inclusive learning by Dave Winterstein in the Cornell Chronicle. (Published June 30, 2021)

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