Short course on improving presentation skills starts August 22!

Alumni Dhyan, Lucy, and Lauren outside on the Ag Quad practicing elevator pitches

Are you interested in gaining confidence in your ability to think on your feet? Want to get better about talking about your research in an understandable way, or to field unexpected questions while teaching? ALS 6014: Theater Techniques for Teaching and Public Speaking is offered as a 1-credit short course in the first seven weeks of the fall semester. Class meets on Tuesdays at 2:30 pm beginning August 22. This course will involve fun and supportive improvisational theater practice, both with individual presentation skills and unscripted scene practice with partners. ALS 6014 is aimed at doctoral students and also open to master’s students and postdoctoral scholars with instructor permission. To enroll, please contact for a permission number, and add class number 12475 in Student Center.

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