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2021-22 Virtual Building Allyship Series: Dismantling the Exclusivity of Academia Through Critical Allyship to our Neurodiverse Community 


This event will educate attendees about what neurodiversity is, the way that negative beliefs about neurodiversity impact the neurodiverse community, how to destigmatize the community, what issues are facing the neurodiverse community in academia, and how aspiring allies can best and continuously support neurodiverse members of our community. Panelists will discuss barriers that neurodiverse people…

2021-22 Virtual Building Allyship Series: land Acknowledgements as Metaphor: Allyship and Land Back Movements

land acknowledgements are frequently given at official Cornell events, but what do they represent? We will dive into the performative aspects of land acknowledgements and how land-grant universities such as Cornell have a responsibility to move beyond these statements for Indigenous communities. Shifting the focus from acknowledgment to action, speakers will discuss ways students, non-Indigenous…