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CNY Humanities Corridor: Supporting Multilingual Student Writers in the U.S. University – Whose Labor and What Kind?


This event is a CNY Humanities Corridor panel with two second language writing scholars presenting on how faculty can support multilingual student writers.  Language Ideology, Multilingual Identities, and the Division of Labor in Educational Practice Gail Shuck is Professor of English at Boise State University, where she has directed English Language Support Programs since 2001.…

CNY Humanities Corridor: Workshop on Multilingual Writers, Support, and Labor – Practice and Vision


This is the second CNY Humanities Corridor event by the Composition, Labor & Embodiment Working Group on supporting multilingual student writers in the U.S. university. Open to administrators, program directors, and instructors (including future faculty) interested in creating more linguistically and culturally inclusive programs and practices for multilingual writers, this interactive workshop will use case…